Asked Questions

You can find LagGourmett products in prestigious stores, gourmet stores, meat boutiques and other places across México. Among these stores are Liverpool, Los Cinco Soles, Taste Boutique de Carnes, Cimaco Gourmet, Carnes la Laguna,

Carnes la Lagunita, El Chalet Cortes Finos and many more. If you live in the United States of America you can buy online from our website Contact us and we will gladly tell you where to find our products near your home.

Yes, Jalapeño marmalade, and no, it has just a a bit hotness. The LagGourmett Jalapeño Marmalade is not hot thanks to its handmade process. For more than a week we remove the hotness to the jalapeños giving a rich and unique flavor.

It can be used in desserts, snacks and to prepare food. Its main use is with cream cheese to make a snack by pouring the marmalade on the cheese and spread on cracked cookies. You can change the cream cheese for Brie, Camembert cheese or any of the kind.

You can also spread the Jalapeño Marmalade to chicken breast and cook it in a pan covered over low heat, Also, you can spread it to a baking ham. It can be added to cooked shrimp or coconut shrimp, mixed with semi-ripe chocolate to make some delicious truffles and a thousand other things, the imagination is the limit.

The Chutney is a food originating in India and adopted by the English in their dishes. It expanded throughout the world with the rise of fusion food that mixes flavors to give new and exotic results. The LAGGOURMETT Chutney, is very similar to a marmalade but seasoned, it has bittersweet and slightly acidic flavors with spices and a small spicy touch, contributing a unique flavor to all its gourmet dishes. You can use it on pork loin, poultry, cuts, vinaigrettes and many other dishes.