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In LagGourmett we are committed to offer products of the best quality. We make Sauces, Marmalades and Chunteys in an artisanal way and also designed mixtures of sea salt, herbs, spices and dried chiles to elaborate a line of delicious seasonings. All designed to give an excellent flavor to your food. Each of our products has its own personality and provides a special and unique touch to your dishes. You can use them to make very elaborate products or simple and quick recipes, desserts, snacks and even drinks.

We use supplies of the best quality, many of wich we produce ourselves in our farms.

All of our products are 100% natural. That means we don't use any artificial preservatives, additives, color or flavor enhacers.

LagGourmett marmalades are made with excellent quality produce, they contain very large pieces of fruit, which shows that they are not made from concentrates or ground low quality ingredients. You can find a wide variety of marmalades: Jalapeño, Figs, Mango, Apple with cinnamon and pecan nuts, Orange, Mango with Jalapeño and other seasonal fruits products.

There are two kinds of LagGourmett Sauces: The first are based on herbs like the Chimichurri and Cilantro Salsa. The second are based on dry peppers like the Salsa Magdalena, Salsa Chilzintli, Salsa Yey Chilan and Salsa Bele. The last four are different in hotness, flavor, and the adding of different grains and cereals, such as amaranth, sun flower and pumpkin seeds. They are all amazing!

LagGourmett Seasonings are led by Mix 21, that, as it's name says, is the mix of sea salt and 20 herbs and spices with a perfect balance in flavor. Originaly designed for meats, it can be used in any food that you add salt on. It helps decrease the ammount of sodium in your food. Thanks to its intense flavor and aroma, you must add about half of the table salt that you would regularly use to season your food. We also make sea salt mixes with different peppers, for example Sazon Fajitas Mix, Cajun Style Mix, and Powder Curry. We mix fine herbs to bring you Herbes de Provence Mix and Ranch Dressing Mix. Other products are SeaSalt, Sea Salt With Beet and Garlic, Sea Salt With Turmeric and Ginger, Sea Salt With Spinach and Alfalfa and our Veggie Seasoning, excelent for soups.

We are in constant look for new flavors that you can enjoy, keeping up the quality and particular characteristics that make our products great. We invite you to try, taste, share, and recommend LagGourmett products.


To be a company that provides food products of excellent quality that satisfy the tastes of the market and that generates value for its partners, collaborators, customers, suppliers and the community in general.


By 2020, to be a nationally recognized company for the quality of our products and for the effectiveness of the efforts aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our consumers, in a framework of competitive service and attention for our customers, under strict criteria of profitability, strategic potential and social responsibility. Caring exceptionally the quality of our products and offering our customers excellent flavors, textures and sensations without neglecting the safety and hygiene in them.


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